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YES: Owner of a Lonely Heart
GRAB THE VIDEO (opens in new window/tab): http://youtu.be/2vV_L7OQtU0 

As I put together these pages on the Artists Code, I’m trying to alternate between older and newer music. This establishes the code's steady existence throughout time. Owner of a Lonely Heart by YES, from the year 1983,  tells quite a symbolic story. Here, I'm going to place a few of the clues concentrating on the end of the video where the code picks up its pace. 

Let's start with our elusive "Y"  that is usually present when the AC is telling a story. Then we'll move toward the end of the video. BUT please keep this clue in mind as you read through the rest of this post. I've captioned the snip below. (frame 0:36)
yes 1

Looking at the  snip  below ( frame 2:54),  you can  see 114, and I'm sure you know what 411  means, so we know there is some important information that follows this clue. The fact that it's in reverse likely suggests the down plan of pi. Next we have an equation:

here are the numbers: 11402

                                         -  1   



Notice the number's alignment as if to state it's a math equation 02-1=01. Now, look at the bottom line (wer1). To decode this you need to know that in the Artists Code" ER" and 9-11 are synonymous terms, so can we conclude (w=23) and ER=9-11 giving us a final conclusion of w=23/ER=9-11-01?  It's very possible -  let me prove it to you with corresponding clues below. 

yes 2

This is the same snip as above with the colors inverted to enhance the numbers/letters.
yes 2b

Here we have great skyscraper symbolism! You could be thinking; but there are four panels showing. Ok, now I ask you this, which panel is he jumping from? It's the second panel right? So it's safe to assume the artist is inferring the first 2 panels as symbols. I'll prove this with my next clue.

What do we see below but black markers on the first 2 panels - confirming my first two panel analysis above. AND we see white markers on 2 other panels located behind the bird indicating 2 "Birds".

Birds are OFTEN used a symbolic airplanes in music videos and film.  Finally, notice that the bird is BLACK confirming the 2 black spots on the first 2 panels.


White markers behind bird below.


Unfortunately video clarity was low but I captured what I could. What you will notice when you watch the video is the bird swooping through the sky passing over 2 buildings then fading/disappearing into the side of a skyscraper. Coincidence? That's for you to decide.

PLEASE watch the end of this video to confirm for yourself - link posted at the start of this page. Low quality screen captures below.
REMEMBER you don't need sound to view symbolism so take a break from working and check out the video. :)



The clues discussed here are just a few examples of the code written throughout this video. Other great symbols include the elevator - a large steel X, varying wardrobe inconsistencies, and additional tower symbolism all of which confirms the code. 

Thanks for reading this edition of The Artists Code!

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