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Unfortunately - No one can be told what the matrix is - you have to see it for yourself!! ;)
BUT, I'm still considering posting my analysis in a later post. =)

Many music videos are political and often send messages and warnings. Below is a walk-thru of Where is the Love and Have A Nice Day. Both videos were produced by Universal Music Group and are sending similar messages as you can see in the video shots below.

Some might call this a coincidence. My school of thought is: When there are too many coincidences - they are no longer coincidences. Symbol usage in music and film often have universal meanings, then there are other symbols that must be read within their context to determine their meaning.

These settings include symbols, clues, and suggestions expanding the point of each song. I thought about posting my analysis, but it would be far more benneficial for the reader to search through these videos themslelves. I did my homework, and I know what they're saying. I hope you will too!All the tools you need are posted right here.

Where Is The Love?
Is this the question at Hand?

Have A Nice Day!
The answer to the unanswered question? ;)

These videos are presenting the same ideas and problems - sticker campaign and all!
where is the love
hace a nice day
where is the love
have a nice day
where is the love
have a nice day
where is the love
wherer is the love
have a nice day
where is the love
have a nice day
Additional Clues
where is the love
have a nice day
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Videos Produced by:
Universal Music Group

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