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STOP: This is not a blog post you simply stop by to read and move on. The points made here require thought, investigation, and looking beyond what you might have previously thought. If that's why you stopped here then I'll save you some time: please proceed through the exit doors - there's nothing more to see here!
For those who dare to read on.........
Below I've posted music videos from various genres - dating back to 1979
The Buggles - Pat Benetar - Nena - Eminem (censored versions)

What could all of these artists possibly have in common? A lot - if you'll look beyond the music! Although for some of you it might be difficult to watch Eminem (yes, some of his material is offensive), and for others it might be difficult to sift through a song that you don't like. Then the answer for you is simple - turn off the volume. The symbolic messages remain...
BUT - if you can handle the audio - look past those things that might offend you, and look for a greater interpretation beyond what you once believed - you'll see all of these artists are stating similar political points and problems - some more tactfully than others!
video killed the radio star The Buggles - Video Killed the Radio Star:
You are probably thinking what sort of depth could this classic New Wave song have? Actually far more than you once thought! There again, symbolic representation is key to understanding the message.

Make sure you pause at the television screens - frames 2:13 & 2:14. There is plenty to be interpreted there!

Fact: this was the first video ever played on MTV.
Is it possible the reason for this was greater than the obvious?

invincible pat benatarPat Benatar - Invincible: If you are a Gen-Xer then you likely remember this song! It became an anthem of the era. BUT we missed something - the setting holds a message - when interpreted correctly Invincible is stating similar points as all the other artists mentioned here.

nena - 99 luft ballonsNena - 99 Luft Ballons (new version): If you're truly interested in getting to the botton of the message in 99 Luft Ballons it is beneficial to grab a German to English translator because the setting of this video includes markers in German when coupled with the symbols you'll see messages unfold.
To get you started here's a clue
Frame 1:40 Nena is removing a very large black armband from her left arm - left indicates wrong - Black armband indicates the obvious!
Frame 1:43 Nena is putting on a small white armband on her RIGHT hand - white indicating innocence.
Frame 3:00-3:01 clearly shows a call to fight against something! (could it be micro-chipped hands?)
Translator available here: Free Translation.com

moshEminem - Mosh & White America: Eminem is known for shock lyrics and offensive material. Don't let that smoke screen prevent you from the symbolic representations in his videos! Yes, these videos line up with all the other artists above. Omit the audio and they do agree...add the audio and there are similar points!
Starter Clues:
White America: Frame 0:09 (pictured below) the pyramids on either side of the elevator are significant and cross reference with MOSH frame 0:43 (pictured left)

white america
Videos Below
Cross Reference Mosh: Fame 0:43 with Video Killed the Radio Star Frame 1:19

Triangle Shape Video Killed the Radio Star: Frame 1:19 Triangle on uniform
Frame 1:53: 3 Keyboards aligned in the shape of a triangle.
Frame 2:54: Keyboards and Equipment tables aligned in the shape of a triangle.
Frame 2:58: Keyboards no longer in triangle shape - now 2 aligned parallel.
If you need a tutorial on symbol reading please view my other post The Freddy Mercury Mystery. I've outlined the symbols for viewers to read along with the video. This might assist you with your analysis here.
How do they agree?
Mosh - 99 Luft Ballons - and Video Killed the Radio Star are all presenting the same scenerio, while White America and Invincible are presenting some of the same ideas and problems.
Video Settings and Symbolism
Much of the credit goes to the production and design staff who created..these videos - I'm sure they'd be happy to know we're actually paying attention!
Movies & Music - all of them use symbolism in one form or another.
Once you begin to understand the meanings of symbols, you'll gain useful knowledge and understanding that will work outside of this blog - take what you learn here and apply it in various artistic venues.
Dare I say symbolism IS another language?
Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in the videos below do not necessarily represent my thoughts, opinions, or viewpoints.
BUT: Freedom of speech and expression are great things - much can be learned from both...

Welcome to the Video Matrix!

Eminem - Mosh ****EXPLICIT****

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