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Ace of Base: The Sign
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I've chosen to decode The Sign by Ace of Base due to the simplicity of the symbolism and the irony of the track title. If you watch this video without knowledge of the Artists Code it makes absolutely NO sense. BUT plug in the Artists Code and all of sudden this video takes on a whole new meaning. Clearly, the signs within the video are part of the global protest  that some call a true "civil" war as there are no weapons other than signs and symbols. Unlike some wars, this "war's" objective is clear. If I were to give this very civil war a name, it would be called  Special Ops - Signs of the Timez. :)

Let's begin!

We're starting with a little equation. Do you see what could appear to be squiggles on the sheet? Look again and you should see 11 and 2. The two runs between the 1's of the eleven. This equation is another COMMON in the code.
It's solved as follows: 11-2=9 - THIS ALWAYS MEANS 9/11. Now, don't the splashes of fire throughout the video make sense? 

the sign

Throughout this video we see people kissing - the lyrics don't have anything to do with making out with your love. Instead they are symbolic. What is the universal sign for kissing? Yes, it's X and Hugs is O both are common symbols :)

What does x mean you ask? It always refers to roman numeral 10 and O's always refer to zero.

the sign

In the shot below the logo is spinning COUNTER clockwise; which solves the problem. Notice both band members are looking downward.
You'll have to view this one in action frame# is located on photo below.

the sign

This is continued from above - notice the sheet behind them with a very large Y? Y always decodes to WHY and the logo still spins counter clockwise giving you the answer :)

the sign

Here's a color code folks!! What comes to mind when I say red and green? If you thought Christmas you would be partially right! In the code, it refers to it's alternate spelling, X-mas. Do I need to review what X means again? I don't think so, I won't insult your intelligence :) 

the sign

AND Finally I'm leaving this one for you to decode on your own. The answer key is at the VERY BOTTOM of this page.

the sign

Take some time to view this video. The sheet throughout the video has many common symbols that haven't been discussed here today. There is a great example of X when the sheet turns yellow in frame 2:54.  I hope you enjoyed this edition of the Artists Code!














ANSWER KEY: 10 or 1-0 the fact that they are both aligned parallel infers 11  like so |  |. While watching the video also notice the background spins CLOCKWISE defining the problem. If you got this without the key, congratulations!! You are well  on your way to becoming an Artists' Code Slueth :)


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