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Simple Symbolism
simple symbolism

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Due to some skepticism I've decided to write this Simple Symbolism blog to prove that symbolism is used in most music videos. Although, symbolism doesn't always broadcast a warning - it does in fact reveal deeper meanings.

HANDS CLEAN - ALANIS MORRISSETTE: The lyrics tell a story that everybody can understand, but when we look at the symbolism we see a bit more... Instead of somebody simply writing a song about being taken advantage of we see a video presenting her side of the story with great examples of poetic justice.

The video begins and ends with a SUSHI sign - at first glance we think she's simply eating at a sushi bar, but in reality it depicts "Sue She" - as the video progresses we see that instead of a law suit she broadcasted this story so everybody can understand it.

HOT N COLD KATY PERRY (the lighter side of symbolism): Do I believe this is telling HER story? No, but there are some great examples of simple symbolism in this one! The video shows Katy's fiancé scared to commit to marriage. The rest of the video demonstrates different methods to coax and/or coerce her boyfriend into commitment...
Examples with interpretations below.

Hands Clean
Hot & Cold
green eyes clue
Sue She OR She Sues - What could have been had she opted to use the courts, but instead she found justice through her music by telling the world her story....
Symbol: Green Eyes
Frame 3:14 The Jealousy Scene - using jealousy to motivate...
katie perry

Numbers are not random - in most cases they are encoded clues....Artists spend too much time producing these videos to simply throw "just any number" out there...

Artistry is about depth - abstract examples - and interpretation.

Symbols: Rainbow & Zebra
Frame 4:06 - This one is easy!
Rainbow: Think back to the days of Noah - a rainbow was proof of a promise.
Zebra: Gotta go back to Sesame Street Days for this one - Z for Zebra and the end of the alphabet...
Put them together and you have: it's the end of the promise.

rainbow clue
Throughout the video we see her success & victory - including the world singing along to her story...
Conclusion: we see a lone Zebra representing an end to the promise to marry and indicating it's now time to fulfill it..
katie perry
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