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RUSH Subdivisions & The Code

Let's go way back in music history almost to the dawning of the music video. What you'll find there is the artists code running behind most of them as it still does today! Each video represents the global protest and defines the problem AND the solution (along with other insight).  Within these notes are snippets of proof that the AC has been alive and well for many years hoping to be discovered. Take a moment and review the following screen snips to see the code in action - then watch the video. Each snip below has the frame included for reference.

 Video Link Here (link opens new tab to reference): http://youtu.be/Lu9Ycq64Gy4

The video opens with a crossroad that spins  COUNTER-CLOCKWISE to X symbolism. The  X in the artists code represents the Roman Numeral 10 AND defines the solution to the problem.  The crossroad defines a moment of decision and opportunity to fix the problem. An interesting point of fact the video both opens and closes with X symbolism.
-view below-

X Symbolism


Here we see that Y - it lurks ever so quietly in the setting suggesting "notice me". See how it's flipped or backward this usually infers the down plan of pi encoded as 999.
As always, when we see the Y present we know the problem and the solution are defined in subsequent frames so proceed to the next image!

Y symbolism

As stated above here are those subsequent clues! Notice over the door (below) we see a "C6" - this is actually encoded and here's how it's solved - C is the 3rd letter of the alphabet so we write 6 three times or 666 - this is confirmed by the 3 locker doors.  666 & 999 are Very Common in the code and always define the problem.

c 6

The image below defines the problem again using the number on his shirt 1-2

12 shirt

Below is a great example of inverted pi - another COMMON symbol in the code and always defines the problem.

inverted down pi

And lastly, as I said in the introduction the video closes with  X. The symbolism throughout this video is ingenius as the code is overlapping and constantly confiming itself. :) There are so many other symbols to be uncovered here, so I hope you take a moment and try to find a few on your own.

x symbolism

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