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Photojournalism and The Artists' Code
Rio's drug war

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Today's topic is the drug war in Rio, Brazil. Photography was obtained from The Boston Globe's Big Picture 11-29-2010 and is being used under the fair use act. Even the Boston Globe is hesitant to present Rio's message boldly, instead they maintained the allegoric representation in the photography.

The photojournalists in Rio, Brazil gave us a deeper insight as to what is really going on in their country. BUT as with all of my pages the purpose here is to illustrate the Artists' Code so YOU will have the power to see the truth. Unfortunately, many countries are still suppressed and their photos are the only way to tell their real story. By using the artists key you gain a better understanding of their message, and/or cries for help. This opens the eyes of you the reader, which I assure you will enhance you life - it's only when we reach outside ourselves do our purposes become clear. What better way than to read a metaphoric message in a bottle that you uncork, unfold and decode?
Below are a few clues and their meanings which I hope will help you build a solid symbolic language. BUT please proceed on your own because there are many clues NOT explained here. Keep in mind, that even with a margin of error, you can still understand the message the photographers are trying to release through their work

We are covering 2 photos from different photojournalists in Rio, Brazil.
The first photo is to present the clues and the other photo from the same piece to confirm these clues.
This confirms the code on two plains; first, by giving us more than one source to accurately assess the problem presented, and the other to prove the consistency and universal qualities of the code.

Actual Photo
AP Photo/Felipe Dana
View this photo: #10 at The Boston Globe
Fair Use Act

clues in photos the artists code in photojournalism

Here are the binoculars as they are represented above blown up slightly.

First time readers glasses or ocular devices in the artists code mean: "Look take notice!"

Other clues in this photo include: reflections, colors, and, numbers.

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binoculars upright

Here are the binoculars again, enlarged further and inverted to give you a closer look.

Clues with interpretations below photograph


Binocular Clues and interpretations:

  • 2 lenses (which we will cover below)
  • The letter F
    The letter F is likely decoded as 6 in this context because it is the 6th letter of the alphabet.
  • 3 Wires extending from the letter F indicate 3 sixes or 666 and/or the strength of power being used on their people.
    BUT the F represented in the original photo (above) was inverted. Therefore, we can conclude that the final interpretation of F = 999 or 9 at the power of 3.

    What does 999 mean? If you had read my blog covering the movie Suspect with Cher there was an in depth explanation, but I will review quickly here. There is the global pi group and the plan of pi is always represented as 666 or 999 depending upon which side of the plan you fall. The use of 999 indicates a downfall in the plan of pi.

    And the last point we will cover with this clue is as follow:
  • Black and Red: These colors have a few meanings in the artists code they are as follows: Nazi Germany, communism or communist type control, AND the United States Marine Corps (as these are their colors). BUT how were these colors used in this photo piece? They were actually used in a couple ways one inferring a control within their country and another a could be a plea, BUT that I will leave for you to research on your own.
We have seen the use of Y represented in other discussion within this site. Once a Y is represented we KNOW the answer is written within the photograph.

Refer to the original photo above to see "Y" represented in the palm of his right hand.

The answer to why is found by the number of fingers on each side of the binoculars.

  • Left side of binoculars from your POV indicates 3 fingers (or power) is wrong. Left is always defined as "wrong" in the artists' code.
  • On the RIGHT side of binoculars we see 2 fingers represented - this indicates 2 (power) is right or the right way to handle the situation represented.
3 fingers

2 fingers

Here is a close-up beneath the binoculars.
Clues are as follows:

  • Thumbs form the shape of a triangle
    This indicates power and confirms the 3 power I wrote about above as a triangle is a 3 pointed shape
  • Nose indicates the photojournalist KNOWS this is the problem - the white reflection on the nose is another clue!
  • and the formation of 3 panels in negative space forming a triangle on the left thumb confirms 3 is wrong AGAIN.
power triangle
Next we are reviewing another photo from the group to confirm the clues we have already assessed.

REUTERS/Sergio Moraes
View this photo: #9 at The Boston Globe
Fair Use Act

clues and confirmation

Look at the photo piece to the right removed from the photo above.
We see the following numbers 14931

  • First notice the man in the photo is wearing GLASSES we KNOW to start looking for clues!
  • Next clue: Notice to the left of the number 4 a number 1 was "penciled" in. This helps us to conclude that the photojournalist has a message for us. Using the 2 ones and the number four we have 411 which we all know means information.
  • What remains in this equation is 9 and 3 or 3 nines. So we join those by making 999 and confirm what we assessed in the previous photo regarding the pi downfall interpretation. BUT also remember 3 alone is significant!
411 photo codes
Here is another Y folks!! So WE KNOW the answer to why is represented within this photo! It also confirms the use of why in the previously analyzed photo above!!

Final Clues:

  • The railing going downward confirms down in many instances here, as down is sort of the theme.
  • 3 stairs (pictured below the railing photo) used with the downward railing confirms both the 3 in the previously analyzed photos as well as down fall.
  • A flipped or backward why usual refers to the down plan of pi.
  • Two supporting boards that hold the railing are also significant and reveal 2 is the right answer
  • The power triangle above the railing in negative space confirms the power triangle in the previous photo
  • We also see beneath that triangle in negative space a series of symbols as follows: /\ || 2 confirming 2 again!

    - and the list goes on and on!!

    That is the brilliance of photojournalism it keeps talking!!!!

I hope you enjoyed this edition and return for the next edition of Photojournalism and The Artists Code!


3 stairs

Learn the code - read the truth!

Consider this for a moment; you live in a country where the right to speak is suppressed how would you be heard? That is the beauty of photojournalism AND the artists' code - it speaks without violating government censorship regulations. It's a secret being told to the world. If that isn't incentive enough to learn it - then please, enjoy your blindness because in your case ignorance is bliss. ; )


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