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National Treasure Part II
National Treasure


Disney movies are ALWAYS encoded! Interestingly enough, I have found the information written in the abstract of Disney films to be MORE reliable than any newscast! To prove the code exists here, I need only review this one scene. BUT I have included additional snips to further convince you. Remember, I do not intend to make you believe anything more than the code exists. What the code reveals, and whether or not your believe what is written, is entirely up to you. I've had skeptics try to argue the codes reality with me. They obviously haven't read my pages ;) BUT, I won't argue or defend this fact either. If you don't believe it, then that's your prerogative.

If the clip above isn't working Grab It Here.

THEN: Advance to frame: 5:02 

Let's begin.

To the average viewer this appears to be somebody simply jotting notes onto a newspaper. BUT look a little deeper and there is so much more appearing before us on the screen. Looking at the obvious before delving into the abstract, we see a crossword puzzle (refer to movie clip) and an ad for Cryptiqquip Book II. These are pointers asking us to look closely because, what we will find is important information on the scene. In fact, it is being spelled out for you!  - Proceed to the next photo.

newspaper with clues national treasure

Below there is a portion of the clip above. It has been enlarged to show detail. Looking at the line of blue copy it reads: Plan for 1,140-home. To most of us this would mean very little UNLESS you tap into the code.

Plan for 1,140-home actually means

"PLAN 4114 0-HOME" OR plan information backwards and forwards.

In the artists code you need to know zero and HOME are often synonymous terms. Additional clues on this little piece of paper include the following:

ER is written O-VER 114.  If you read my last post covering YES|Owner of a Lonely Heart, then you already know ER and 9-11 are synonymous terms SO it is safe to assume there is information being revealed about the 9-11 plan here in. I will prove this with my next clue.

clues in national treasure

Again enlarging a portion of the first snip notice the Gettysburg TIMES ad specifically the extensions of the phone number. These extensions are actually equations let's solve them here.

The extensions are: 227 and 229.

Both of these equate to 9/11 here's how:

227 = 7+2=9      9+2=11  using each answer we have 9-11

229 = add 9+2=11 then again 9+2=11  equating too 911-911 - much like information backwards and forwards above :)

<code confirmed!>

WHENEVER you see 2 and 9 they ALWAYS refer to 9/11. This should convince you that we are on the lookout for information about the 9-11 plan.

clues in National Treasure the Movie

There are many other clues on this newspaper, and here is one more. The author, Alex Gayhart,  is a clue! I'll give you Alex decoded the rest is up to you. ALEX = ALL X you should already know X= roman numeral 10 or 1-0 :)

If I haven't convinced you the code exists yet, then here is additional proof.

Below is a snip from the scene where Riley hacks into the security system to steal the Declaration of Independence.

x-equationNotice the numbers written on the table they are:

39 - 0FT: 39 rarely refers to the number 39 in the code. What it actually means is 3 nines or 999 -  also known as the down plan of pi.

26A: we add 2+6=8. Eight is also known as pi. Here's why: 3.14 add the digits straight across to find 8.

Even more interesting - if you look at the numbers diagonally (pictured right). It should equate to the plan of pi. I'll let you find the solution on your own.

national treasure code 

And finally the shot below is from the scene where Ian decides explosives will be part of his plan. Notice 112 on the explosives. Remember what I covered earlier about these little numbers? They always equate to 9/11 | 11-2=9. The bottom numbers 6-56 equate to 6-11 as 5+6=11 6-11 is also known as 666
(HOW to find 666 from 611 | use 6 stand alone then 6x1=6 then again 6x1=6 | 6-6-6) or the up plan of pi. 

national treasure clues


Here is additional symbolism BUT you'll have to decode these yourself. From left to right: The elevator doors where Ben enters with the Declaration. Photo 2 The scene where the Silence Dogood Letters are being decoded.

 symbols in national treasure the movie

And finally a couple clues where "10" is emphasized. Remember 10 or 1-0 is a solution and in some cases 0 defines a problem. If you recall the term "ground zero" this should help you to understand why.

The scene in Abigail's office - A great example of 10!
abigales office

Notice both windows show Cam 10

cams clues

Below is a snip from the chase scene between Ben and Ian.
License Plate #: C5109R
Here are a few probable's often seen in the code:
Use the letters RC = remote control
9/01 date
BUT C5 could also be referring to explosives as it is in context with the rest of the symbols being strung.
License Plate clues

Don't you think there are too many coincidences here to call them all coincidences?
That concludes this edition of the Artists Code. Thanks for reading!


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