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National Treasure Part I
National Treasure and the Artists Code

Welcome to this edition of The Artists Code! I've received some questions about HOW to read the code as it runs in films, so I've decided to devote this blog to the code breaking novice. I hope to demonstrate how the code uses the script AND the props/setting within a film. The follow examples are standard and this keyword technique can be found in most films.

If you are serious about becoming a code breaker then you will need to PRACTICE - it does take time to become fluent. Once fluent, it changes everything. I no longer watch a movie hoping for a just great story. Now, I wonder what is this film going to reveal? When the code begins to unfold it is as intriguing as the film itself and in some cases more so ;) . Oddly enough, there are times when the code pulls me away from the actual film, so I have to force myself to watch the story line while deliberately avoiding the symbolism. Then I'll watch it a second time to piece together the puzzles. I know it sounds strange - some people play the spoons - this is my gift : )

FYI: This is a Walt Disney Picture. ALL of Walt Disney's films are encoded, so keep this in mind next time you see that magic castle on the screen. Due to the fact that the code was used so extensively within the film, this post is the start of a multi - part series on National Treasure. Each succeeding post will advance to a greater level of decoding difficulty.

First view the clip in it's entirety and see if you notice any clues or patterns.
The code is extremely LOGICAL so to find patterns isn't as difficult as it might sound.


y tree

Starting with Frame 0:12 (pictured left)

Notice the tree in Y formation this helps us to conclude that the answer to Y is written somewhere within the scene symbolically. The letter V has a couple of uses in the code, but due to it's context here I conclude it to be V for vendetta as it lines up with the rest of the film.

Now lets review the script:

Abigail: You have the original Silence Dogood Letters? Did you steal those too?
Ben: We have scans of the originals - Quiet Please.
Abigail: How did you get scans?
Ben: Well, I know the person who has the originals now shush

---Immediately following the above action---
Abigail: Why do you need them?
Abigail's last line above is a pointer to the setting with Y and V.

x shoe


Frame 0:48
Starting at frame 0:48 the shoe strap in the shape of an X. If you are a returning visitor then you already know that X means, Roman Numeral 10, in the code, and refers to the countdown 1-0.

I can hear your murmurs - aww c'mon that doesn't mean anything.
First, not every evening shoe has a strappy X, and don't you think its a bit strange that the director thought shooting this shoe for this length of time was really important to the plot? No, it is a deliberate que and it is confirmed by the script.

Next: When Abigail takes off running notice the line Ben Gates uses when she's caught (highlighted in red):
Ben: Not Cool, Not Cool
Abigail: Let me go!
Ben: OK, you're let go now shoo.
Abigail: I'm not going, not without the declaration
Ben: You're not going with the declaration. <end clip>

The highlighted line with the keyword "SHOO" is a pointer and confirmation of the shoe strap interpretation above. In most cases the code will confirm itself in each scene. I'm not going to be revealing the complete interpretation of this scene, but it corresponds with every other posts at this site with an emphasis on 9/11.

In short, because this film uses the code extensively another edition will be necessary to uncover the various techniques used including, color codes, connecting the dots, and symbolism. Stay tuned for the next edition and the next in this series! Part II Read the next edition here.


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