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Metallica The Unforgiven and The Unforgiven II
Background Information: 
James Hetfield, the lead singer of Metallica and the subject of many of their lyrics, was raised under Christian Science. There came a point in his life where his mother became very ill, but they didn't seek medical help because their philosophy doesn't believe in medicine - instead they consider it the arm of the flesh rather than the gifted from God. Consequently, his mother died which obviously left him with many questions and unresolved anger.
The Unforgiven is James Hetfield writing about his father coupled with religious indoctrination. In my opinion, he was deeply oppressed by his father and members of this religion as a child. Unable to be himself - never free, never me...
In this oppression, he vowed that he'd never let them take his will away - imprisoned by their philosophies - stunted as an adult. Regrettably, knowing that his life would have been much different had he not grown up with this way - clearly shown when we hear the line "we'll never know what might have been...."

The Unforgiven II

Ok, so who is The Unforgiven Too?
That would be his mother. 
If you look at this song beyond The Unforgiven Sequel, it's talking about someone else who won't be forgiven for what they DIDN'T DO. Obviously, if my analysis is correct he felt his mother had the power or held the key to get him out of the oppression - to set him free. 

Lines like: Could you be there because I'm the one who waits for you - or are you unforgiven too...
These line suggest agony - isolation - helplessness, and someone who seriously let him down...

Words normally used to describe this band are: Hard, Heavy, Angry.... BUT when you look deeper is their hurt, sadness, and loneliness? Dare I say a softer viewpoint? Realistically, music is from the heart and this is obviously someone venting some serious pain about his mother, father, and religious dogma.

In short, I hope to take the veil off of Metallica's image for a moment, and show that even in the hard and heavy limelight people are just people...venting about their parents and upbringing - all very human qualities.fg

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