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Part II Drop the World - Lil' Wayne - Signs and Symbols

I have decided to add  Part II covering Lil Waynes - Drop the World video. Due to the amount of information written in the code, I thought it should be explained more thoroughly. In my study, most if not all music videos include the code, I can't say all because I haven't seen all of them ;) BUT there are some productions that stand in a class by themselves as they are CODE INTENSE. This happens to be one of those videos. For the sake of argument or discussion it seems  somebody has something to say here -  and this is their voice - let them speak and do so freely here at the Artists Code. :) 

VIDEO LINK HERE Censored: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ErCAOMi5EGM&feature=player_embedded

UNCENSORED HERE: http://vimeo.com/11339138 

As I stated in yesterdays post, this video is covering the Two Factor among other things. If you need more information about the two factor read more here.


OK let's get started - frames are included on each shot below to watch in action.

The photo below is of a skyline. Notice the lights have a pattern and the setting also includes X's. The pattern of the lights is 2-1-2 2 2 and the 3 towers are on an incline... THESE ARE ALL CLUES :) 

GO two incline


Next we see an  X pattern on the matress - Yes, I know a lot of matresses include this pattern thats why THEY used it ;) It's talking about the blood shed in the ghettos (which would be the 3-factor) and as you know from yesterdays post Y or why is explained herein.
X is Roman Numeral 10 or 1-0
x symbolism

At frame  0:33 glass panes drop in a precise formation  the first one drops then the other 2 drop and break simultaneously - there is that 1-2 pattern again! and due to the use of glass panes PAIN is inferred. Also check out the broom handle!! When the panes drop the broom handle swings right indicating two is the right solution. :)
glass panes pain

Here is that ever so ambiguous 666 representation again! 611 - how its solved is as follows: 6 - stands by itself then it  is multiplied by each "1" separately - giving us 6-6-6 this also infers the plan of pi - but thats up to you to discover. :)
Also notice the windows referencing 1-2 (the two factor).

Throughout this video the tire consistently represents ZERO - notice here the tire lies on the first TWO steps - yup there's the two factor or two power solution again!!

tire as zero

The use of debris as signs in this video is extensive! Take a moment and find the triangle - Triangles in the AC always stand for power BUT this triangle has only 2 sides giving us the 2 factor! The letter k in the set is broken down for you as k-11. Why you ask? Simple, because K is the 11th letter of the alphabet!

debris code

And lastly, we are looking at the Eminem portion of the video. This setting is packed with symbols! Some are broken down on the photo below. Notice how the code confirms itself - first we see a faint triangle formation in the clouds - this is NEXT TO the Obelisk - this confirms both the obelisk and the triangle as power symbols.
CLOUD in the artists code has a meaning too - it's broken down as C-LOUD or See LOUD or SEE HOW LOUD WE ARE BEING if we were to make it a complete thought! :)
AND finally the BELL TOWER has to do with the amount of power to be used in the 2-factor. I know I'm being evasive but let's be realistic if I told you everything what is the likelyhood you'd search it out?  Haven't I already showed you something you never noticed before? Upon my discovery of The Artists Code I thought to self, what the heck was I looking at all those years??

The symbolism in this video is extensive! This two part series has barely scratched the surface of the clues within it.
I hope you are so inspired to uncover more on your own.
Read about the two factor here - it's one of the many unspoken points made here.


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