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Lil Wayne Drop the World Part I

Lil wayne has got to be one of the most HONEST lyricists on the radio today. He calls the problems what they are including the g-code situation. This video is packed with the AC and covers The Two Factor. The producers of this video used animated cracks to help tell the story in the setting. Lets review a few snips from Lil Wayne's Drop The World.  


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First photo references G or the G-code and also the number two for The Two Factor the 2 is represented as II above the G frame number included to watch in action.


This is where the FIRST animated crack enters - it cracks up the wall, forms a Y and ends beneath the II (frames 1:32-1:33) - this is confirmed with a much LARGER example later in the video. This could also be referencing the CRACK problem in ghettos too.
y g-code pi


Notice 2 Inverted pi's referencing the Two Factor and the large crack in the cement in the shape of a Y - confirmed again  later in the video.
inverted pi symbolism


Here we have X symbolism - referencing the roman numeral 10 and a repeated pattern on the wall II> which means 2 (power) is right.
x symbolism

Here is the largest example of Y! It's animated so I hope you take the time to watch this video - if you are at work thats ok, you don't need sound to SEE symbolism ;) Once again you'll see the 2 inverted pi's and a backward Y to their left - backward Y confirms inverted pi because it's flipped.
Y as a symbol


And finally here's a number code :)
It's stating GO 2-1 - the breakdown is on the photo.

Go two power

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To read about the G-Code link here:  | Read about The Two Factor here.  



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