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The Two Factor in Hypnotize by Hyundai


Decoding Hypnotized by Hyundai
Yes, even commercials have something to say in the abstract.

Let me begin by saying the artists code is a matter of fact. It's time for us all to wake up and realize that there is a global protest going on! It has been going on for decades! This protest has been modified slightly through the years to reflect its current state. In the 1930's, the abstract in American films were protesting its arrival to the states, from the 50's through the mid-00's the protests were for its removal - and today its removal is a reality, BUT how its removed is in question. You might ask yourself, why is she being so evasive? This is due to the fact, that the truth in part, could cause outrage among the people, but please understand that even though you might be unaware of this battle there have been people fighting for us all. Some have even lived out there lives protesting this problem and to each one of them I say - thank you!

As I wrote above, the current state of the protest is the Two Factor - and it is being broadcasted globally. I have to admit though, it's only abstract until you know the truth. Once you understand what the Two Factor is, you'll see it throughout the arts and entertainment industry, and even in photojournalism. Have any of you watched the film Field of Dreams? It wasn't until skeptics became believers did the baseball game become a reality to them. ; )

Remember, this site was written to PROVE the code exists and teach the artists code. I do not give the answers to every enigma, BUT I will at the very least establish the two factor today in signs and symbols.. The rest is up to you to discover. Do you dare know the truth? To help you on your quest, read through the blogs at this site which will teach you the language of those who dared to show us the truth - the artists...

The Two Factor: you might want to view the commercial before reading the clues decoded, then view as needed throughout this post.

  • The title of this commercial really says it all ;)
  • Secondly, the music used for this commercial has the time signature of 4/4 time; which is also known as common time (C); 2/2.
    In simplest terms it's 4 beats per measure. Through this signature we see two represented rhythmically.
  • Notice, each scene changes every two beats until the last portion of the commercial where the scene changes are on every single beat giving us a clue: A rhythmic countdown of 2-1.

Hang in there with me and I will confirm the 2 factor pictorially throughout the commercial!


The tires motion is relevant as it represents both clockwise and counter-clockwise motion. The tire itself is moving counterclockwise while the triangles on the wheel cover are moving clockwise.

- Triangles in the universal code always stand for power.

The green directional arrow speaks. Here is what is says:

- First notice it blinks twice giving us the 2 factor.
- Next in the artists code green means GO
- The DIRECTIONAL is pointing left or referencing counterclockwise motion. This links us to our previous clue and also defines that counter-clockwise is the right thing to do, but it should be at a power no greater than 2...hence two flashes. :)


south koreaThe eye infers much symbolically

- First its symbol can be seen on the back of the $1 bill
- Notice again it swings RIGHT twice - the two factor again!
- And third its colors - Red White and Blue are pointing to the South Korea Flag (pictured left) and the USA/Freedom...

blinking light
- The blinking red light blinks 3 times
- Red means STOP
So we put those together and we see STOP 3 - we learned in the directional clue above that a downfall should be no greater than two while the problem is being removed from any country.
bowling pin

The bowling pin on a key ring swings RIGHT 2 times and suggests the following:

- By the direction of the swing and the number of swings we conclude 2 is RIGHT
- The game of bowling where TEN pins are knocked down.
- TEN means 1-0 and refers to the countdown. (this is confirmed again in subsequent clues)

Windshield wipers wipe down RIGHT twice - another representation of the Two Factor or the down 2 solution.

The tree clue in this scene is very cool - notice it's in the shape of the number four. This is actually a pointer to a symbolic sentence written in the commercial, but due it's lengthly explanation, I'm not going to map it out here, but trust me it decodes to:

- If 1-3 then go slow...

This is actually good news! It seems some countries have learned that 2-1-0 reaps the same results necessary to remove the problem, and is less trying on the population than 3-2-1-0 or better stated III power

finger tapping
Finger taps 2 times
railroad crossing

- Railroad Crossing Sign with the number 2 pointing again to the Two Factor

- The sign is an X or roman numeral 10 referring to countdown 1-0 this confirms the bowling pin clue above.

- The red light is in front of 3 palm tree trunks indicates again STOP 3.

yellow  light

Symbol: The yellow right directional light that blinks 2 times
shows us slow; down 2. This confirms many of the clues herein.

- Slow is represented symbolically by YELLOW
- Two Flashes for 2
- The use of a RIGHT directional indicates that slow - two is the right solution.

2 is confirmed again by a series of posts with 2 lights per post

The bridge has many interpretations and here is one of them.

The X is represented again, and as we've learned throughout this blog it stands for the Roman Numeral X or 10 or the countdown 1-0

pink bunny

The pink bunny is interpreted as follows:

- PINK is the universal code for PI-Inc or PI incorporated.
- The bobbling head refers to minds.
- The two vents are, of course, the 2 factor.
- The bunny based on the universal key is referring to ancient greek mythology and the pagan symbols commonly used on East-er.

bunny x-mas

Here is another shot of the bunny. Notice the TWO vertical stripes in Green and Red at Frame 18.

Without giving you the answer I'm sure you already thought of Christmas and you would be partially right!
It actually refers symbolically to its alternate spelling - X-mas or X-mas time. This is a VERY COMMON symbol used within the code - whenever you see red and green you can be sure the code is somewhere on the scene.

As we have previously reviewed herein:
- X as it's used in X-mas is referencing the roman numeral 10 or as it relates to the countdown 1-0

Two vertical stripes confirm the Two Factor

And due to the fact that they are referencing the holiday X-mas or Christmas - this further confirms my previous point regarding East-er as it relates to the bunny : )

In conclusion, I usually place a symbol of my own to elaborate on each blog, but I don't believe one is necessary today. Instead, I'll close this with a few thoughts of my own regarding this global situation. I have been studying what the artists have to say in photojournalism over the past several months, and it seems we are finally moving in right direction - press on and keep smiling.

Remember: Many of the signs and symbols used on this page are universal. They can be viewed and decoded within most creative works including, music videos and films. If you are looking for the most up to date information available, then keep you eyes on photojournalism in your newspaper and online news sites.
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