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FEAT: Frasier Season 2 Episode 2 The Unkindest Cut of All 
On a steakout to find EDDIE
Scene is set to start @ 14:53
VIDEO LINK: http://youtu.be/OVRak0lnH-w?t=14m53s


You Gotta Hear IT! – Strong A code with RE.
The depth of code in television always impresses me. Oftentimes I’ll be casually watching a rerun and the code will jump off the screen. Here I smile to self while thinking, there it is again….unmistakable and beautifully done.

When breaking down code for your eyes, I usually include the visuals pulled straight from the scene, but here even without visuals you can “read” this code! 

SCENE: The Steakout - Here are some clues starting @ 15:16

Obvious tells 

Steakout 15 hours – according to the playbook at this time the right still says no to power@2.
Dialog Marty(father): Aww that’s nothing (head shakes no 2x). I was on a steakout once for 15 hours without ever getting out of the car. Also read glances.
CONCLUSION: No 2. Infering father and no to 2 @2015

More clues:
“Canteen McQue” add Your in and decrypt his name
“Close that window” – cold said twice by Marty (father)

And what prompted me to write this out to begin with: COUNT BEEPS 

5 beeps 3x
2 series of 5 beeps ( V2) then listen to Niles to hear who’s behind the problem, this should also help you conclude who’s to b V’d - It’s not the hunchbacked old man! 
THEN 1 LONG beep followed by 5 beeps again – add em up and you’ll know when this is all supposed to start.. BTW the v-code in Frasier is Sr and Jr not the other brother and its an anti ne2. I do believe the other brother is as unaware as Niles!  At least he was when this show was produced.

The dialog in this scene is jam packed with code – LISTEN and you can hear it too.. Obvious tells are double repeats like bladder x2. When the moonroof is opened by Frasier you’ll hear Just x2 and Alright x2. To get the full scope of the code you’ll have to watch gestures and in some cases count them like head shakes – glances left and right etc…This concludes another AC411. The rest is up to you to uncover.

VIDEO LINK: http://youtu.be/OVRak0lnH-w?t=14m53s

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