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photojournalism and the artists code part II

French Potojournalism - France on Strike Part II

Here is another example of an allegory. If you have any questions about allegories please read the first post in the series where they are explained.

Today we are analyzing another photo from The Boston Globe's The Big Picture - France on Strike. This photographer used an interesting way of presenting an allegory through a series of "pointers". Below are color-coded pointers circled, and the conclusion of these power pointers are marked by an X. There were many other clues within this photo, but I'm only explaining a handful here. I hope you will go beyond what has been demonstrated here, and delve further into this artist's vision.

Original Photo
AP Photo/Michel Euler
View Large at the Boston Globe HERE
Fair Use Act
Before you proceed, see if you can decode it without the key.

original photo

Color Coded
No changes have been made to this photo only the color code has been added.
Follow the colored paths: White - Pink - Purple - Brown
Thumbnail Examples with additional clues and conclusion below photo.
Original photo View Large at the Boston Globe HERE

color coded photo
Color Code Clues
X Power Points Below
artists code

White Color Code

Starting with the white buttons on the hat above you'll see a series of white dots connect us to this power point - can you guess its meaning?

Take note of the following:
white buttons on hat - indicating the white dot code
black band around finger prior to black band around wrist

artists code

Pink and Brown/Yellow Color Code

Both of these paths lead us to a young woman's shoulder. The way her hair is placed is significant!

The pink path are hands; each one counting down. 4, 3, 2, 1
NOTICE: The pinky in the 4th pink circle starting from the left is malformed - as if pointing somewhere.

The brown path includes 3 girls sitting together wearing glasses.
It isn't a coincidence that they are together! Scan the photo yourself.
Isn't it odd that the only people in the room wearing glasses are grouped together, and they are all women surrounding the power point?

In the universal artists code glasses ALWAYS indicate - take notice or look here!

clues in photojournalism

Blue Color Code

The blue path clearly makes rings an obvious conclusion. Then we see a blue scarf - in the SAME color as the jacket the woman looking backward is wearing! She is looking at the earing highlighted in this photo!

Do you know what they are saying now?


And finally here is my clue to help you with your conclusion.

takes a licken' and keeps on ticken

As always - the rest is up to you!!

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