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French Photo-journalism - France on Strike Part I

Part I of a III Part Series

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Part II French Photojournalism & the Artists Code | French Photojournalism PART III

The photo below was posted by The Boston Globe "The Big Picture" with an article entitled "France on Strike"
Let me begin by sayings these people were in fact protesting the pension reform, but there is an allegory within the picture revealing something else happening within their country that corresponds with the event. A matrix of clues or a symbolic riddle lies within the photograph. I won't be revealing my conclusion of what is happening there because, it would defeat the purpose of my posts, but I will reveal some of the clues and how to interpret them so you can come to your own conclusion.

for your informationAllegory: a representation of an abstract or spiritual meaning through concrete or material forms;
Photojournalism: is journalism in which photography dominates written copy; a multi-dimensional viewpoint that enables a greater understanding of a topic or story often relayed through symbolism.
About Symbolism: Many symbols within the artists' code have universal meanings, but some symbols have to be read within their context to determine their meaning. Whether or not portions of a photo were planned, enhanced, staged or otherwise manipulated is irrelevant - as long as they are revealing the truth and maintaining the integrity of the event/topic/news story.

Please review the photo below before proceeding further.
NOTE: Have a pencil and paper handy - you might need to visually map out the clues mentioned below.
AP Photo/ Laurent Cipriani
Fair Use Act

AP Photo/Laurent Cipriani - the big picture - the code in art - photojournalism interpreted
encoded clues
encoded clue
x press

Clues with Interpretations

After reading this you might want to review the other photography posted with this story.
i: I didn't come to a confident conclusion until I read the other photos in the group.

Clue 1.

Whenever ART is mentioned in the setting of a photo or video piece it is usually a key pointing to an in depth look at an abstract message, so we know to start looking for the code.


Clue 2.

The sweatshirt indicates football so we can assume somewhere within the code there is likely something revealing an abstract point through a football metaphor. BUT even the sweatshirt has more than one meaning!

encoded clues The CM in the center of the shirt is an acronym relating to the abstract discussion! Personally, I would reverse the letters within this acronym. Ok, so I gave you another clue - I'm trying to make this easy for you folks.

The quarterbowl reference in context with the piece could go even deeper so keep those wheels turning!

Clue 3.
encoded clue

In videos, films, and even photojournalism license plates almost ALWAYS reveal a secret message! They are usually numeric equations with either a word in shorthand or an acronym.
This particular license plate is an equation with a word in shorthand.

First the equations:
It's not as hard as it looks. They usually equate to the same answer code-wide.
The equation is 5+5=10 + 1 = and 5+5=10 - 1 =
Put those answers side by side and you have the first portion of this clue.
BUT two 5's are also significant as they represents a solution to the problem (two 5's and 10 = 1-0)!
The 5's could also represent V, as in roman numeral 5, suggesting possibly an ultimatum - 2 or V.

Now the Shorthand

I had to look at this photo for a while to determine the NL shorthand. I concluded it to be kneel referencing football - then did some research to determine what it means when a quarterback kneels on a ball (I'll leave that up to you) BUT keep in mind the sweatshirt we viewed earlier was lettered with "Quarter Bowl" which helps us to conclude the football/kneel reference.

- Now add the kneel meaning to the rest of this big picture and you are one step closer to your conclusion.

Clue 4.
Here is where it gets a little eerie (enter twilight zone music), but read on there is nothing to fear!
We see in the blue box 39. Rarely does it mean the number thirty-nine as it relates to the code. In most cases, it means three 9's, which indicates the down plan of pi. The up plan of pi is refered to as 999 inverted OR 666.
These are universal pieces of the artists' code and another piece of this puzzle..
Clue 5.
x press
And finally We see a little sign that could have so many meanings, but as it relates to the photo it could be any or all of the following: X-press, U Xpress O (indicating the rate at which this is happening)
OR - it might just be a store sign that coincidently fits!!Big Smile

And finally I'm going to give you a picture clue of my own to help you with interpreting this piece BUT I won't be including its meaning.


What is my response to the symbolic message within the photo?
How you do it is as important as what you are doing...Ok, so I guess you could consider that another clue ; )

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