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Electric Dreams

The artists' code in Electric Dreams - the movie.

Let's go back in time to the year 1984 and discuss a movie in which a computer controls his owner's life due to a mutual love interest. As if this plot isn't enough to raise an eyebrow of the parallel thinker, the artists' code maps out telling information for the curious. Here we will review a few clues from the final scene, then confirm my interpretation of these clues by the movie's trailer.
NOTE: Frame numbers are included on each snip so you can validate these clues.

Final Scene Right ------>
electric dreams movie poster

Kites as Symbols (frame :1:30)
While you watch the video notice the three kites take a nose dive - which is immediately followed by the next clue that includes Five planes.
These kites speaks on a couple of levels. Three in the code is a significant number and in this case infers both a tragedy ending in zero and likely the number of buildings that are targeted. (proceed to the next clue). The fact that they drop left suggests "the left" is behind the situation.


In this frame we see five fighter jets that appear to be flying into the building. Notice also, there are actually two buildings here that look identical to one another. Unfortunately, video clarity was low for snipping so look closely while you watch the video to confirm this point.

Now, a number of years later, we can come to the following conclusion and decipher the symbolic representation as follows:
matching hotels = 2 towers and the use of 5 jets could infer the pentagon but more than likely V - as in vendetta or the roman numeral 5.
Hang in there, I WILL confirm this while we review additional clues and the movie trailer.


The frame above fades into the scene pictured below. Notice a satellite on the buildings and 2 X's on the wheels.
My readers should remember that X=10 or 1-0, but due to their context here, I believe they indicate the number of targets with tragedy ending in zero and possible the number of planes used to strike them.

A point to remember: In the code there are good zeros and bad zeros.
To prove this, I need only ask this one question, what was the area called after the towers fell?


In this snip below notice the X on the back wall, the inverted Y, and the color red.
Red refering to who the V is targeting. X indicating the elimination of the towers. Inverterted Y pointing downward shows the direction, and notice the right panels of the computer screens resemble 2 towers.
Additional tower symbolism confirming the Y problem in the next clue.

Here are 2 towers and a symbolic zero.
The frame continues to widen and pan three building panels this indicates the number three.
The number three always precedes a tragic zero but could also be refering to the number of buildings targeted and/or responsibility as it is on the left side of the building.
symbolic zero

The clue below has been mapped out for you. Here we have our ever elusive Y and the all powerful X.
X facing right inicates 1-0 and who the targets are.
And, a new symbol appears on the scene, a rainbow! Rainbows in the artists' code always refers to a promise. This was derived from the story of Noah's Ark - and it is a universal clue. And finally, the water spray panning down/left suggests culpability..

rainbow ship


Now, let's take a look at the movie trailer.
I only need to review a few snips to confirm my analysis above.
Trailer to the Right ------>
electric dreams movie poster

A child could interpret the following.

Starting at frame 1:58 - a Wrong Way sign.

wrong way

Next an Arrow pointing to the next scene. Notice the light on the bottom right of screen is probably pointing to who is going down.

pointing to the wrong way

Here are the same kites we viewed above. The interpretation stands.

trailer kites

Once again the planes seemingly fly INTO the building.


Immediately following - and at the same frame number - an explosion!


The fireworks below follow the explosion. What do we see? Yet another backward Y. Clues confirmed!


I hope this put to rest any doubts you might have had as you read through the clues on this page. As always, I am but a mere humble servant, trying to teach the artists' code. Whether or not you believe what the artists are writing is entirely up to you! ;)

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