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Here's a letter I mailed to every major department in the city INCLUDING the school department. Do you think this situation is something that should have been kept under wraps? There were actually 3 different mailings - each letter building off the last - this is the last of the series.

The letter was mailed in two groups with a break between each to keep momentum up - my intention was to get people talking, hence, sending them to the DPW for copies of the other two letters. Each photo is one mailing.

First and second letter of the series here | Recipients who received this letter link here

Department of Public Works - Highway Division
City Hall, Government Center
77 Park Street
Attleboro, Ma. 02703

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This is the third correspondence I've mailed to various departments in the city. The first included warnings for all employees who work at the DPW on Lamb Street, the toxic nature of the property and any unusual symptoms they might be experiencing. The second included a city wide warning regarding highly carcinogenic toxins, salt/sand stored at the DPW, our roads, persons, property, and our water supply of which I hope is being addressed immediately. I want to make all recipients aware that this is not my first attempt at getting your attention. I have literally been gathering evidence and contacting representatives in the city trying to get them to move on this situation for a number of months. Unfortunately, they would all rather play politics, cut ribbons, cover up problems, pass the buck, and avoid/dismiss actual matters of concern. If you have not received the previous two letters, then I suggest you contact the DPW at City Hall for copies. (508) 223-2222 ext-3154 Lance Hill or ext 3157 Ron Dubuc.

ATTN Health Department
In this letter I'll support my previous letters with evidence which proves the situation on Lamb Street isn't something I conjured up. BUT first I want to bring the city's attention to Riverside Ave and every property which lines the river from Lamb St to Dodgeville pond. Focusing on the Riverside area, these properties are now in jeopardy. I've been documenting the deterioration of the river on Lamb Street since last summer. The chemical stench became so strong by the end of the summer, I feared taking even a whiff of it. This contaminated water is now moving down the river, invading properties and quite possibly contaminating water supplies. Everytime it rains this exacerbates the situation further.
One has to consider, if the DPW uses well water, then other properties in the area could also. These families, whether using well water or not, need their water tested now. TCE, toxic metals and the many other contaminants in the area are not something you dismiss - they need your immediate attention. We don't want even one case of cancer or illness from this absolutely avoidable situation.

ATTN Water Department & Health Department
I heard through town the contaminated soil on Lamb St could have been used by the water treatment facility at the crossroads of Tiffany Street and 123. I hope you will look into the situation and make sure the water in the area wasn't compromised while ensuring residents on that corner healthy living.

ATTN Fire Departments
I want to bring your attention to aggressive soil in the area of the DPW. Aggressive soil is a potent mixtures of contaminants which can and will break down building components in the ground including copper piping, fuel tanks and lines. This can create leaks in the natural gas pipeline running down Lamb, creating pockets of gas under the surface of the earth. Lisco didn't do the city any favors when they tore up the road this summer to get the irrigation system at the DPW working. This irrigation enables contaminants to run off under the street where the gas pipeline lays and weaken it.

Due to the aggressive nature of these contaminants, a combustible situation could form anywhere on the property. In the event such an instance should occur, I suggest you don't address any fire in the area without full hazmat gear including gas masks. If anything should combust, this will send the contaminants airborne at the particle level. Given the likelihood of high concentrations in the area, it could be lethal if inhaled. I hope this warning is also passed along to the police department.
I've asked politicians to close the DPW and test the rock, groundwater, river and soil for every possible contaminant in the area, but alas they wouldn't heed my demand. Now, I put this matter into the hands of all who are in receipt of this correspondence, hoping someone rectifies this situation immediately. Too many people are at risk to leave the situation as it is.

This is Lamb Street before construction of the DPW. As you can see the left side where the bays and salt barn rest is ledge - NOT a parking lot. (herein lies the problem) I'll elaborate on the final page of this series of photos

lamb b4 construction

Thanks to the power of google we can see the DPW during clean up. Notice in photo 1 what appears to be a wall of barriers and concrete piping concealing all the contaminated heaps from the street. There's a reason for this of which I will elaborate. I didn't include Hi Res photos because you can look this up yourselves on your computers. Simply go to google maps and search Lamb Street. Choose street view for the views below or earth view to overhead view of the terrain before construction.





In conclusion, here is what occurred to create such a huge problem. A politician found his way around the system to clean up Lamb Street at a cheap price. Unfortunately, he didn't consider that this property remained vacant and untouched for nearly 20 yrs before his big idea, or why no one built on it sooner? He didn't consider common knowledge among people in town that this property was never supposed to be built upon. He didn't consider what other scientists concluded regarding building on the property in the past. He endangered the entire population of this city for his own personal gain because he didn't look beyond himself or his pocket – which is another crime for a different day.

What went down
This politician obtained a short clean-up approval for Lamb St through the EPA. Now, if you are unaware of what a "short" clean up is, here it is in short (no pun intended)
Short clean ups are issued when a contaminated property is built on a parking lot. Buildings are torn down, refuse heaps are then removed to the appropriate dump site. Short clean ups allow for the removal of surface soils only NOT digging large quantities of contaminated soil, creating a massive hole and disposing them at Pond Street Sludge Fill center.
Well Lamb Street wasn't a parking lot. It was ledge on one side with soil surrounding it. And contained in this ledge are contaminants from Mossberg such as TCE, toxic metals, and any other hazardous by product that was either dumped near or on the rock while the company was opened on Lamb Street. This business started circa 1915, and the politician didn't consider the evolution of a business from 1915 to 1987 when the fire occurred, or what harmful chemicals were used back 100 years ago. He didn't consider why TCE was on the property or the possibility of a tannery. He also didn't consider what was done on this property prior to the existence of Mossberg - was there a previous building, was there a dump site? By calling Lamb Street a short clean-up, he grossly underestimated the magnitude of the situation.

He also didn't consider our long history in jewelry and the many dump sites we're unaware of because businesses aren't always ethical or were unaware of the damage they were causing by randomly dumping hazardous waste. He didn't consider anyone or anything other than himself.

As you can see in the enclosed photography mass quantities of contaminated soil were dug BUT did you notice where they were placed? On a NEW driveway. When working an environmental clean-up you don't move contaminated piles to a "clean" surface. It's simple logic - if you put contaminated soil on a clean surface, that surface is no longer clean. It has to be removed. This is just a simple example of all the mistakes that have occurred on this property. If the site were monitored by any of the various environmental agencies mentioned on the reports, they would never have permitted first a short clean up and second placement of contaminated heaps on newly paved surfaces. We also now have proof that any report written by the geologist on the job is void. The satellite photography nullifies his account of any and all contaminants and their removal. Did you guess why the piles where laying out on the driveway yet? Well he was airing them out and giving them sunlight. Sure this might work for some contaminants but to properly remove PCB from a site, they need to be exposed to UV light and treated with isopropyl alcohol, which of course didn't happen. Airing out soil doesn't work for toxic metal, nor does it work for many other contaminants, BUT this was how the soil was remedied and possibly reused on other parts of town and definitely used on other sections of the property. The price was right.…unfortunately, he didn't count the cost.

I hope I've brought everyone up to speed regarding the situation on Lamb Street. Please respond to every suggestion with immediate action. There really is no time to waste.

A concerned resident

recipients of letter
Recipients of letter

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