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The truth is out there. It's written in the artists' code.

What is the artists code? It is an encoding of sorts within creative works. The creative world placed clues for YOU to discover and decipher to find truth. Some mediums that include the artists code are photojournalism, music videos, films, television and the list goes on. This is NOT something new! I've found the code in films dating as far back as the 1930's.

How does it work? Each venue presents a set of clues in a precise format to ensure proper decoding! Some artists include color codes with keys, others include strings of symbols that create sentences of truth. Often times they are relaying messages about an actual event, warnings about future events, truth about past events, or information to help you to SEE. The only way to read the code is to learn it! This website will start you on your quest for knowledge and the path of truth.

If you would like to learn this code please send a friend request to the Artist Code Facebook profile! Become a part of the growing number of people who have taken this information and began their own quests for truth. Here you'll find a number of albums with cheat sheets, turtorials, code breaking charts and keys. Each week I demonstrate how the code is used in films, photography and music videos with easy to use collages. Read the latest blog feature FRASIER

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Learn the language of the artists.
music video codes
The code in photojournalism from widely known news wires. Featured here are decoded photos from the Associated Press, Getty Images, The Boston Globe and more. view
It is impossible to watch a movie that doesn't include the code. This section includes movies clips and screenshots mapping out the clues for you. view
Due to their length music videos are a great way to practice reading the code in films. View the code working on the set. view
keys and tools
Articles and Information
Keys and tools to crack the code on your own. View

NEWArtists Code articles and information inlcuding code breaking charts. view

Art gallery with
Artists' Code posters and concept designs
. view

The code is ubiquitous!

Whenever you turn on your television you can be sure the code is there.
Below is a short list of filmmakers, music video studios, and news wires where you will always find the code.

warner bros universal pictures amblin entertainment shady records universal music group aftermath entertainment associated press getty images reuters the boston globe

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