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Contextual Symbolism

reading symbolism in contextIs the Artists Code an interpretation of art or a translation of a language? It is the latter. Every piece of work I have studied that utilizes the code is mapping out a definitive statement or point. If you were to interpret this artwork without using the AC Key or having an understanding of contextual symbolism you would come to an entirely different conclusion or interpretation. This does NOT eliminate the possibility of the same art speaking to you personally, BUT to understand what the artist is trying to say you need to use the keys. Sometimes the code is enveloped in a  landscape. I can appreciate both the sun pouring through a meadow AND read the meaning the artist left behind in the code. That's what makes artwork so compelling. It can speak on multiple fronts!

Today, I'm covering contextual symbolism and how it is used in various art forms, but the code has numerous keys that can't be covered in one article so I'll have to cover each topic separately. The keys include: symbolism, colors codes, the alphabet, numbers, and parallel examples. As you can see, with all of these keys much can be said elusively. If that doesn't pique your interest; maybe seeing the code in action will.

Below are a couple of examples of how the code works when symbols are used. In the first example, the symbols are in their simplest form. The second example shows the same symbols in a more complex representation. The latter is how they would appear on the set of a film or in photojournalism. When translating symbolism, there are code defined symbols where the key is necessary, and other symbols that would be "read" in context. Contextual symbols work much like the puzzles we used to decode when we were kids. Unfortunately, we don't have an answer key to check our answers, BUT in most cases, the code will confirm itself  by giving us another example using similar symbols in a different format/frame of a film, or by presenting additional symbols to string with the ones below to create a complete thought.

The photos on this page are large to show detail.

Simple Symbols
I'm sure you can guess the meaning of the first example - if not the answer is beneath the puzzle ;)

stool pigeon
Answer: Stool Pigeon

Complex Symbolism

stool pigeons

Notice the pigeons on the wall and the two stools. This is Stool Pigeon in a more complex format commonly used in film, television and photojournalism. Because there are two stools, two stool pigeons are inferred.

If this were an actual photo-journalism piece or film set, the code would continue and a truth would unfold. Chances are it would be political in nature or reveal a piece of a story otherwise untold or previously mis-told. As I stated earlier, these are contextual symbols that you would read  along with the other symbols on a set. Once you are familiar with the code, anytime they appear on the set of a film or in artwork you'll know to start putting the pieces of the puzzle together.


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learn how to read the code in music videos.

cymbals as symbolsEmpire - QueensRyche | Clue 1 of 2

The following shots are from the music video EMPIRE by QueensRyche - video link here. Take a moment and jot down the frames then watch them in action.

Notice the first photo (right). It shows cymbals or (symbols) with chain links. Let me begin by saying, I've known a few drummers in my day, and I've never seen their cymbals on chains! What this actually represents is a clue telling the viewer to LINK symbols (cymbals). I've seen this method used many times, and it always indicates that we are to string symbols together to find a defined problem. Often times, they will include a solution mapped out in their code.

Empire - Clue 2 of 2empire WHY symbolism

The second photo shows us a tree in the shape of Y. This ALWAYS indicates why a problem/conflict/situation exists will be revealed in subsequent frames.

Unfortunately, I never solve these problems for my readers. Instead, I'm writing these notations to prove the code exists and hopefully inspire you to keep an eye out for the code as your watch your favorite film or peruse a newspaper or magazine.  

Watch the video Queensryche EMPIRE. See if you can decode the problem defined here in . link opens new window

The video we are looking at here is We Built This City by Starship. This video actually has an entire theory mapped out in the AC but I'm covering only a couple of examples here.
Now, I'm going to let the pictures do most of the talking proceed to the examples below:
Note the following frames before watching the video.
Watch the Video


To see additional proof regarding how Lincoln is used in the code read Lincoln & Washington and the AC.

The example below shows how the dice roll precisely three times showing the 6 front face. This ALWAYS indicates 666 in the code. To find out what 666 means you'll have to read through the other articles at this site.
666 symbolism

Video Link Here - Link opens new window/tab.

And finally lets look at something a little more current - 3 Doors Down | It's Not My Time

Notice the obscure peace sign below? - The entire video is packed with symbols that are covering The Two Factor to learn more about the two factor read an in depth article covering the topic.

peace sign

The following example is for advanced code breakers. It might seem difficult at first because you don't know what to look for, but the equations used in the artists code are repetitive, so they are easily remembered. To understand what these numbers mean you'll have to investigate them on your own. Many of these equations are covered throughout this site.
Next time you're watching a movie at home and you see a series of number on a license plate or in the setting of a film they are likely to equate to any of the following: 0-(1 2)-(1 3)- 8 - 9/11 - 10 - 999 - 666 as these are the most common numbers used in the code. Each number has a VERY specific meaning, but I'll leave that up to you to uncover.

This one little photo (below) has much to say! Some of it has been mapped out for you.

Watch the video here and see these symbols in action


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