The Artists Code

Common Symbols

Here are 10 Common Symbols to get you started.
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Anytime you see terracotta in any form like clay pots, tile, etc. this means a terror plot is being revealed in the code. Broken down as follows “Terror Caught” a.


The clown is a symbol that was used consistently pre-9-11 | it is broken down as follows: C Lown OR interpreted
See Loan – meaning the defined problem is happening because a loan has come due or a loan is a reason behind the problem.


ANY TIME you see laundry in any form: clothes lines, washing machines, dry cleaning it refers to money laundering.


This one is easy Beer = Be ER in other words a set-up is going on. So when you see that can of beer on the set chances are an ER or set-up is being defined.

Pastel colors

Pastel Colors on a set -  grouped in any form ie: balloons, stacks of paper etc ,  means “the past tells” – you can be sure an extensive symbol trail is left behind when you see these colors on a set.


The make of a car usually points to a country. For instance, if a German-made car is on the set, then you can assume communist type control is being defined OR the make could be pointing to a relationship or defined problem with said country. Watch how the symbol is used – always keep the symbols in context.

Chess Boards

Chess boards ALWAYS refer to the game being played behind the scenes. It refers to the ERs stated above. Chances are if you see a chess board then a “game” is being mapped out in subsequent frames.


Always mean power

Pyramid with no point

Look on the back of a dollar bill and you’ll have your answer.


If somebody is wearing glasses on the set or in a photograph it ALWAYS means – look take notice.

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