common symbol codes second edition

FILM TIP: If the symbols don't seem to be making a complete statement, then you might need to plug in keywords from the script. See if any of the dialogue coincides with the symbols on the set. Then, put the puzzle together. Dialogue and symbols working together in film is a common technique.       Click to Print This Page 


Barrels in ANY form (see illustration below) points to oil as the motivator/source of a problem.


Marilyn Monroe

This icon always indicates conspiracy/scandal/murder


Typically Pi/G
Pi as in Pi inc. or PINK  &  G  as in G-code.


Actually means (played) as in you’re being played, so if you see for instance, black and red plaid, you would use your color chart to define part 1 of the answer, and played would be part 2. Put them together and you have a piece of the puzzle.


symbols Argyle=Are Guile or A/R (accounts receivable) Guile
guile defined:  
crafty or artful deception 

An argyle pattern in any form (usually on socks) but can be found elsewhere on a set/wardrobe, indicates guile or a deceptive act is going on. Proceed through the other symbols on the set and chances are the act is being defined therein. Usually it’s an act with money/oil as the motivator. AND this act is usually an ER or chess game.


symbols Paisley = Pays LEE this is a payment with a pointer to China. Paisley can be in any form or color. Remember the color of the paisley could be another part of the puzzle. You’ll often find paisley on ties and scarfs but can be anywhere on a set.


A rainbow means a promise. It could mean something positive or negative. ie: a promise of money/payment for a service or act, or it could be used as a resolve as in a promise of II. Read in context always!

Clockwise/counter clockwise motion

In most cases, clockwise indicates programming & counter clockwise deprogramming.