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Here is another example of an allegory written in American Photojournalim. If you have any questions about allegories please read Photojournalism and The Artist Code where they are explained.

To avoid any confusion, I've decided a blog covering American photojournalism was necessary. Yes, even in America the truth is encoded in photojournalism. Often, the story relayed with the photo is the literal interpretation, and in some cases a blatant lie! In fact, I have yet to find a newspaper that covers the abstract truth or the photogrpaher's actual vision. Remember, a photojournalist's job isn't simply, taking a great photo of an event but TO TELL US A STORY! Hence - journalism. If newspapers wanted only a great photo, they could have hired a photographer!! :)

The photo we are analyzing today is from The Boston Globe's - The Big Picture In-Protest - Photo # 34. I demonstrated previously the code in French photojournalism, but as I said before this code is UNIVERSAL, so here it is written in American photojournalism.

The actual story here is not represented as fear or fury, but instead matter of fact.
This piece gave newspapers an option to report the photojournalist's actual vision! Do you think newspapers are blind to the code? I say Freedom of the Press should prevail folks! AMENDMENT I ;)

Below are just a few of the clues represented to help you with YOUR conclusion as you set sail on your quest for the truth in this artist's vision.

Original Photo
REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque
View Large at the Boston Globe HERE
Fair Use Act
Before you proceed, see if you can decode it without the key.

Protest Line in Virginia
Photo Caption from The Boston Globe: Vietnam War veterans form a line to block an anti-gay protest held by members of the Westboro Baptist Church (rear, hidden) at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia on Veterans Day, November 11, 2010.

American Photojournalism & The Artists' Code
Clues Below

White Shirt

Clue # 1
White Color Code

Here is a man pointed RIGHT - He is not skewed it is a direct point to the right. This is a pointer to start looking for the code written in white.
It also infers that the point being made here is Right or Correct!


Clue # 2
Man in WHITE shirt & Glasses

Do I need to review? Glasses are on the scene!

Ok here it is in review, in the universal artists' code, glasses ALWAYS indicate take notice or look here.
These glasses are actually pointing to a color code or the next point in this photojournalist's story. Make note of the color of the lenses!

head and yellow sign

Clue # 3

Notice the coloring on the man's hair in front of the YELLOW sign - the colors reflected on his head are the SAME colors as the lenses in the previous clue pointing us to the next point - The YELLOW sign.

I can almost hear you thinking - why does she think it's pointing to the YELLOW sign? Please proceed to the next clue for color verification. BUT before you do please look closely and note that there are also subtle green tones on his head too! - Yes, they are relevant!!

yellow light

Clue # 4

In the original photo above look to the left side and you'll see a street light - lit during the day! What color is glowing?? YELLOW :)

color pattern

Clue # 5

There are additional colors that tell a story in the abstract. If you review the photo above notice the man with his hair reflecting the same colors as the man with the red/orange lenses ALSO has a color pattern dotted between his legs! I did enlarge this pattern to show detail.
When enlarged we clearly see red - white - red - green. It points to both the color code and the symbolic representation of these colors!!

Sounds like you need confirmation? Then proceed to the next clue!! :)


Clue # 6

Here is confirmation folks! The woman standing to the right of the man in clue #1 has what appears to be a pin on her lapel in the SAME colors as the colored pattern above!!

hour glass

Clue # 7

AND finally this photojournalist used a bit of an optical illusion! Look to the right side of the photo an oddly or NOT SO oddly shape forms resembling an Hour Glass!! :)

It is also an indication written by the stripes to read between the lines ;)

And finally here is my clue to help you with your conclusion.

Slow is Right!
Traffic Light
As always - the rest is up to you!!
NOTE: There were many other clues encoded here as this was quite a creative piece, so I hope you investigate it on your own. :)

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