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Adele Rolling in the Deep - Video Clues

Let's talk Adele Rolling in the Deep! Here's some important background information, Adele, is a British artist. Her recording studio is located in London. The fact that this wasn't U.S. produced makes the symbolism deeply significant. If you are able to crack this on your own, it's really ironical. As my regular readers already know, I write with the intent to prove the code exists and to teach the artists code.  I don't often solve enigmas within the artwork for you, BUT I will point you in the right direction. The symbolism in this video is telling a story beautifully!

VIDEO LINK HERE (link opens new tab):

I usually run the photo snips in chronological order BUT in this case we are going to start later in the video then go back to viewing them sequentially.

What you'll see below is a drummer who's cymbals are the focal point. You're probably saying, what's so strange about that? First, cymbals are usually the homophone used to direct us to symbolism. BUT what makes this so important is the drummer ISN'T drumming! He sort of sits there frozen (view video to confirm). This is a clear sign that we are DEFFINATELY looking at cymbals as symbols AND as non-clanging cymbals ;).  
Now, here is where it gets really interesting and a bit eerie. Notice the background, do you see what appears to be an animal and a face? Look a little closer and you'll see | | too.  The white 11 is split apart and the number 4 is in the corner.


Going back to the beginning  here is a scene with wat er glasses. They ripple with the rhythm - notice in the center of the water an 0 appears. O's and zeros are significant in the code and are used often. 

water glasses

Use this with the photo of the windows with water glasses on the floor,
and you should be able to crack this on on your own. (5 photos below)
tall triangles

Notice below we have 2 horizontal PINK lines. PINK in the artists code mean PI-Inc yes that's pi incorporated it is referencing a global conglomerate of sorts among nations. You should also see the window casing is the shape of green pi confirming the pi-inc translation. And of course there's the elusive Y we see so often and the letter V. Y means "why" is mapped out in subsequent frames.
V has a few meanings they include the number 5 and vendetta.

There are those X's again. They are roman numeral 10 or 1-0.  As you can see there are 2 of them.

2 x = 10

Now, put your thinking caps on - and lets walk through associations and our imaginations. Look to the left side of the photo and you'll see driftwood. Where do you find driftwood? It's usually by the water right? So we can assume that the floor is a body of water. The driftwood has another meaning too but you should be able to figure that out on your own. With this new clue in mind can you guess which city that is now?
Next, Bring your eyes to the right side of the photo and you'll see fire wood - keep this in mind as we are going to revisit it later. And lastly notice the wires over the city are in the shape of an X with FIVE sprinklers - I don't believe this needs to be explained again. :)

drift wood

Here's inverted Y - it suggests the down plan of pi - and WHY.

inverted y

The video is depicting an historic event. Notice the matching windows that reflect off the water glasses. Couple that with the city above and you should be able to decode it. (Frame 2:27)

Does your brain ache yet? If not, let's proceed. The transparent (invisible) curtain is a parallel of another famous historical curtain. The fact that it's drawn on one side indicates we are taking a peek behind the transparent curtain, and is a pointer of blame. Also, notice there are actually 2 panels side by side as there were 2 windows above (that's a little clue). Our "notice me" Y is lurking about the room too!

trasparent curtain

Lastly, the X over the city begins to spray sparks as a sprinkler system would spray water, and the city is burned to the ground.


We didn't review all of the clues mapped out in the video, but what I tried to do was use the most obvious symbols as examples. As you get better acquainted with the code; the more obscure use of symbolism won't seem so obscure. 

Remember, the code is used world-wide! Much of it is universal, so this enables us to decode works of art from every nation! A great way to send out a secret message from a nation who's voice is suppressed. To get the gist of what an artist is trying to say, it doesn't need to be read with 100% accuracy.

Check out this work by Associated Press photojournalist Lefteris Pitarakis! He also used obscure faces in his photography to tell a story. Coincidently, he was covering a story in London. View here.

This video was an excellent example of contextual symbolism. Read about contextual symbolism here

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