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At First Glance - London Protests Tuition Hike

Issue Date: 12-12-2010

In this edition of Photojournalism and The Artists Code we are covering the protests in London. Information obtained at The Boston Globe from The Big Picture London Protests Tuition Fees. We are covering three photos from the same photojournalist to study his work in depth.

This series of photos at the Boston Globe, clearly cries out police brutality, but the collection of photos represents civil unrest, leaning toward civil aggression being the greater evil in parliament vs. the people. Is it safe to assume that many photographs were taken of this brutality, but only a few made it to the wire? Did censors step in and refuse their release? Whatever the case may be, we are left with an enigma to decode.

We'll be decoding police brutality directly, but there is a second veiled message within these photographs that is also being written throughout the world. Up till now, It can be seen in every photojournalism piece covered at this site, but will remain masked in hope that you will search for the truth and find out this global complaint. I'll continue to point you in the direction of this answer, but will not spell it out for you. I hope curiosity gets the better of you because, it concerns us all. It's sad to think we are all in the same boat - but because of its delicate nature we are forced to see things through a looking glass. Personally, I would rather know I'm not going it alone, but alas government has their own point of view and it reigns supreme.

Now, let's begin our assessment. As always, we will be decoding only some of the clues within the enigma, but venture on your own because there are many more within this cryptography.

AP Photo/Lefteris Pitarakis
View Large at the Boston Globe HERE Photo #4
Fair Use Act
Original Photo

London Protests Tuition Fees?
v for vendetta
Clues: V - "Cuts" - Masked face with eyes closed.

This is a pointer to police brutality and to the next photo we will be discussing in this series so please keep this in mind as you read through the following clues.
london college protests
  • Glasses are on the scene - we know this is a clue!
  • 3 pairs of glasses with somebody looking left means simply, 3 is wrong.
    What does 3 mean you ask? It refers too the masked message mentioned in my introduction.
  • Wrong is defined by the center man wearing glasses looking stage left. It's a universal clue in the artists code - so add this one to your dictionary! ;)
protest signs

  • First notice the man in the front wearing glasses with a black hat.
  • Then 3 Stop fees and cuts signs.
    Their order is significant!
    It's one "stop sign" separated by a white sign, then 2 additional Stop Signs suggesting 1-2 is right.
  • We confirm this by looking at the man in glasses again - to his left are 2 smiling people, and to his right is 1 smiling person indicating 2-1 is the right way to hand the situation.
  • The white coalition resistance sign with it's representation of 3 people and STOP resting directly above it indicates Stop 3!
  • And finally the inverted U turn sign in the back of the photo - actually means NO Down 3!
  • Confirmed by two darkened stop lights with three section each and a STOP sign directly in front of them silently stating - Stop 3-2!

    Why is 3 so wrong? It's a matter human rights and needs to be rectified in countries spanning the globe.
  • And finally we see a girl with bright red hair smiling holding a newspaper. Notice the headline, the "I" in socialist is dotted red - this is a color code that we will be using in the 3rd photo of this series. But it also points to eyes within this clue!
  • Surrounding this SMILING red head is ANOTHER symbolic sentence equating to "Down Two". See if you can find which people around the smiling red head create this solution or symbolic sentence.
Original Photo
AP Photo/Lefteris Pitarakis
View at the Boston Globe HERE Photo #25

police at protest in London
shield causing facial injuries

v for vendettaWe're starting this clue with a REALLY cool hidden picture. Remember the V mask - in the previous photo? (pictured right) Here is where it points!

  • Using the large photo above look at the first shield on the left. There is a profile of a or v-like face on the right side of that shield. (enlarged left)

    This explains why V was pointed LEFT in the first clue! And we already learned left is WRONG. This clue suggests that these defensive shields were being used as offensive weapons. Couple it with V and Cuts and we have additional confirmation, but keep reading I will confirm this again!
center of shield
  • Here is the entire middle section of the same shield. Reading this symbolic sentence left to right,
  • we have 3 slashes
  • Next, notice the dot to dot pattern, in the shape of a triangle - it dots up to hook a screw on the shield, this suggests screws were causing facial injuries.
  • Triangles in the artists' code ALWAYS mean power - indicating police were using excessive force.

Proceed to the next clue.

clue c
  • First, notice the blue dot in the center of the face shield. This points us to a color code in the NEXT photo in this series
  • Secondly, notice the man to his right with what appears to be a large slash down his face.
  • Also notice the shields are marred and scratched significantly. (use large photo above)
  • add these points to the first shield (above) and we can assume they were cutting faces with them.
  • 2 lights represented in this photo with the second light on the RIGHT side of the photo points again to 2 being the right answer regarding the masked human rights issue.
  • AND the fact that a video camera is rolling could quite possibly indicate that they have this brutality on film, but understand by using cops as the icons of this message, guaranteed the release of this encrypted photo.

Police Brutality will be confirmed again in the final photo of this series.
slashed face


  • Here is the shield and the slash on his face enlarged to show detail. It is likely the photographer used this slashed face on a police officer to get his photography through the censors.
  • Next, notice three down is confirmed again by the number of bars on his helmet pointing downward.


Proceed to the third and final photo in this series.

Original Photo
AP Photo/Lefteris Pitarakis
View at the Boston Globe HERE Photo #32
LondonCollege Tuition Fee  Protest Photo
clue 1
  • Remember the blue light in the police face shield above? It's pointing to the t-shirt within this photo! This should immediately bring the eye on the T-shirt to our attention - pointing us to eyes in this photo.
  • Next notice the photographers "mistake" - red eye! It's actually a clue - even a novice photographer knows how to remove red-eye so this is a safe assumption.
  • Using the red eyes, we read left to right and find 1-2 represented again.
  • Reading the complete "eye" sentence starting with the first cop looking downward (view above) - we have Down 1-2!!
  • Next, notice the shield - a figure in gold tones resembles a face. I've enhanced this shield in the next clue for you to review.
  • The face on this shield, confirms the face we saw on the previous shield above! The screw in the chin of this face is additional confirmation that cops were using these DEFENSIVE tools as offensive weapons and screws were causing serious injuries!
  • And finally, the gold tone belt in the SAME color as the face points to TRUTH because, the belt of truth is commonly used in the artists' code. Obviously, suggesting that this enigma regarding the gold color code is true!
Here is the shield enhanced. Again, the only effect I applied was an invert colors filter.
  • A second face, that appears to be female, can be seen above and slightly right of the gold face within the same shield.
  • Using the darkened areas we see a silhouette of 2 eyes, nostrils, and a mouth. View large photo above to see it in context.

And finally, toward the back of the photo we see a robotic looking blue face mask with 2 very pronounced eyes, looking directly at the 3 men in the front of the photo. This is clearly a pointer that eyes are significant. The color of the mask points to the blue helmets within the photo - suggesting look for clues on helmets!

It also points to the 2 solution that we have seen consistently throughout this evaluation!



smileyIn conclusion, it is possible that none of these clues are true, the photographer, in a moment of whimsy, felt like adding obscure faces to his work, and this entire analysis should be thrown out, BUT that is highly unlikely!

Remember, this site was designed to teach the Artists Code, and empower you with the ability to read the truth! I hope this edition was informative as we uncovered The Artists' Code within the protests in London.

Learn the code - read the truth!

Consider this for a moment; you live in a country where the right to speak is suppressed how would you be heard? That is the beauty of photojournalism AND the artists' code - it speaks without violating government censorship regulations. It's a secret being told to the world. If that isn't incentive enough to learn it - then please, enjoy your blindness because in your case ignorance is bliss. ; )


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cryptography, symbology, symbolism


cryptography, symbology, symbolism